Federico Pellegrini

13 Giugno 2011


Italy Luxury Travels is a company recognized for the world class level of service that we provide, our attention to detail and our customer service satisfaction. […]
13 Giugno 2011


Based in Rome Italy, for the driving services of our tours we use a world class Rome car service since years. This limousine service can provide us […]
13 Giugno 2011

Villas rental

Experience a different luxury vacation enjoying one of the Tuscany villas that we propose! To be able to choose the right villa for you, just let […]
13 Giugno 2011

Cruises in Italy

Italy is the central stage for all the cruise lines of any Mediterranean cruise. Italy luxury Travels organizes for you cruise shore excursions in all the major […]
13 Giugno 2011

Meetings & events

One of the experteese of Italy Luxury Travels is also the organization of any VIP meetings and events. Meeting people has always been our job… first […]
12 Giugno 2011

St. Peter’s basilica

Built above the tomb of the first Apostle, St. Peter’s basilica is the biggest monument of the sacred architecture in the world. The dome is its crown. […]
8 Giugno 2011


The history of Pienza is strictly connected with 2 figures: the Pope Pius II and the Florentine architect Bernardo Rossellino.In a little village called Corsignano, by […]
8 Giugno 2011

Val d’Orcia

The landscape of Val d’Orcia is part of the agricultural hinterland of Siena. The landscape’s distinctive aesthetics, almost conical hills with fortified settlements on top, inspired […]
8 Giugno 2011

Tours of Tuscany

Tuscany is a gold mine in terms of unique places to enjoy. I have personally put together all these itineraries after studying and doing lots of […]
8 Giugno 2011

Vatican Museums

Fruit of collections put up since the Renaissance by the Popes, the Vatican Museums were opened to the ordinary public for the first time after the […]