20 Maggio 2011

Tours of Rome

In a city like Rome Italy, a list of possible guided tours has no limits.For that reason, we’ll just put a few samples for you with […]
20 Maggio 2011

Tours of the Vatican

Before start reading the proposed schedules of our Vatican guided tours, we suggest that you read carefully the little useful page on the Most common questions […]
20 Maggio 2011


A great full day tour not to miss in your Rome vacation. In Tivoli there are 2 most famous villas to enjoy: Hadrian’s villa and  villa d’Este. The […]
20 Maggio 2011

Tours of Tivoli

As there are 2 most important villas, Hadrian’s villa and villa d’Este, when we plan to enjoy and excursion to Tivoli, also considering that it takes […]
5 Giugno 2011

Questions about the Vatican

1) Can we see just the Sistine chapel, not the Vatican museums? No. The Sistine Chapel is INSIDE the Vatican Museums.The only way to see it […]
8 Giugno 2011

Vatican Museums

Fruit of collections put up since the Renaissance by the Popes, the Vatican Museums were opened to the ordinary public for the first time after the […]
12 Giugno 2011

St. Peter’s basilica

Built above the tomb of the first Apostle, St. Peter’s basilica is the biggest monument of the sacred architecture in the world. The dome is its crown. […]
13 Giugno 2011


” The smallest state in the world at the centre of the largest spiritual kingdom”. That’s the way the Vatican has been defined. With its only […]
14 Giugno 2011


The Eternal city…how many times have we heard that? The history of Rome includes almost 30 centuries, in which we can always find a concept which […]