8 giugno 2011


The history of Pienza is strictly connected with 2 figures: the Pope Pius II and the Florentine architect Bernardo Rossellino.In a little village called Corsignano, by […]
8 giugno 2011

Val d’Orcia

The landscape of Val d’Orcia is part of the agricultural hinterland of Siena. The landscape’s distinctive aesthetics, almost conical hills with fortified settlements on top, inspired […]
8 giugno 2011

Tours of Tuscany

Tuscany is a gold mine in terms of unique places to enjoy. I have personally put together all these itineraries after studying and doing lots of […]
8 giugno 2011


Land of artists, famous poets, scientists, cradle of the Italian culture, Tuscany is mostly known all over the world for the beauty of its countryside, where […]
8 giugno 2011

Florence’s most visited museums

Uffizi The Uffizi, (1560-1580) meant to be an officio (office) for magistrates as well as judges, technicians and merchants of Florence, were turned on the top […]
8 giugno 2011

Paintings in the Uffizi gallery

Selection of the best masterpieces Here is a selection of paintings in the Uffizi Gallery, Florence Italy. Giotto: Madonna di Ognissanti Paolo Uccello: the Battle of […]
8 giugno 2011

Brunelleschi’s dome

« “Structura si grande, erta sopra e’ cieli, ampla da coprire chon sua ombra tutti e popoli toscani”. » (Leon Battista Alberti -De Pictura) At the […]
8 giugno 2011

The Etruscans

A mysterious people Let’s talk about the Etruscans in just 8 questions and answers! 1) Who were the Etruscans? People who preceded the Romans, on the […]
8 giugno 2011

Brief history of Florence

The city of art with a few pictures In the 5th century B.C., the Etruscans lived on the hills around Florence, and they founded Fièsole (the […]
20 maggio 2011

Tours of the Chianti

Old Medieval castles, monasteries, excellent food and red wine We start with a very unique guided visit of a 10 centuries old monastery, which is now […]