Tours of Tivoli
20 Maggio 2011
Tours of Pompei
20 Maggio 2011


The ancient Pompeii was the city where most of the aristocracy in the ancient Rome had spectacular villas. In each villa there were slaves, a wonderful garden, and any kind of comforts for the owner. A rich city, happy, nothing to be afraid of… Like it will be Siena in the Middle Ages. Then, all of a sudden, the disaster.In 79 A.D. the Vesuvius decided to wake up and so the nature determined the destruction of Pompeii.

In the century 21st, so after 2000 years, thousand of people still go and visit, with a great curiosity, the ruins of the city which made the whole world talk about itself since that far 79 AD. Most of that city is still there: some people, with their home, the kitchen, the bath, their dogs, their theatre…The memory of Pompeii Italy is still alive.
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