St. Peter’s basilica

8 Giugno 2011
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13 Giugno 2011

St. Peter’s basilica

Built above the tomb of the first Apostle, St. Peter’s basilica is the biggest monument of the sacred architecture in the world. The dome is its crown.

Twelve architects, under 18 different Popes, over one hundred years of construction.
These are just a few numbers to accomplish the building of ” her Majesty “, the queen
of all the basilicas, St. Peter in the Vatican city. Then, to decorate the inside of it, other centuries… An endless job.

Bramante, Raphael, Michelangelo, Bernini…Each one with his personal and unique flash of genius, so different from each other. Yet, a common idea in mind, throughout all over the centuries: all the artists have tried, through the beauty of the art, to reveal the Eternity of God.

At the end of the guided visit, you’ll be able to tell whether they made it or not…
To enjoy within either one of the Rome guided tours or one of the Vatican guided tours.


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