“Dear Federico, We loved every minute of visiting your beautiful country and to have the opportunity to learn about all those wonderful places from you. In fact we cannot stop telling people how impressed we were with everything we saw and experienced, especially the people we met. Thanks again and trust that when we return, we will be in touch with you.”

Very satisfied Irish Client

“Dear Federico, a big thank you for providing us with 2 wonderfully enjoyable and informative days in Rome. Your knowledge and explanations of both the history and art of Rome provided us with insights we would not have otherwise understood. My family and friends were most impressed and very happy with the overall experience. Although this was your 3rd time to guide me in Rome, I still found new experiences. Your interpretation and explanations in the Villa Borghese had a profound influence into how I will view art and sculpture in the future.” ( contact details on request)

Cheryl Streiffer

“Dear Federico, the two days spent with your father were outstanding!! My family was so very impressed by your father’s knowledge and passion for Rome. My husband and I are still commenting that our experience in Rome would not have been so memorable if it had not been for the time spent with him. Your father is an outstanding tour guide who not only brought Rome to life for us but truly gave us an insight into your wonderful Italian culture, so that non of us really wanted to leave Rome. We have already referred several of our friends to your website. Again, thank your father for us for providing such a wonderful introduction to the most beautiful city in the world.” ( cstreiffer@yahoo.com ).

Desiree Lira

“Hi Federico, thank you so much for another amazing experience! As you know, I had you as a guide back in 1999, and I was so impressed by your knowledge and excellent guiding services that I searched for you again when I was ready to go back to Italy. Thank God I found you. I wouldn’t have used anyone else. You have such passion for your work that it is impossible not to feel transported in time when you speak. I came back yearning for more!” ( lirahomes@bellsouth.net )

Amy Sneed

“Dear Federico, I wanted to thank you for our wonderful experiences with Rome and Vatican City. The entire family immensely enjoyed our trip and it would not have been the same without your guidance and insight. I have taken the stories about ancient Rome and turned them into a history lesson using my own pictures. You were professional and engaging during the entire tour and opened our eyes to hidden Rome. My parents said they will come back to explore Tuscany and Florence with you as their guide. Our family has fallen in love with Italy! Thank you again and I hope to see you again!” ( alsneed89@gmail.com )

The Hawkins family

“Dear Federico, thank you for an incredible two days in Rome. We feel that we conquered Rome with your guidance!!! We will recommend you to all our friends! We are still talking about our wonderful time, and our trip to Rome would have not been as memorable without you. Also, give our fond regards to the wonderful driver, who you provide us for, while touring with you. Please, use our names as testimonial”.  ( jhunterhawkins@bellsouth.net )

Sharon Bergamo

“Dear Federico! I can’t express enough the wonderful time we spent with you in Rome and Florence. I can’t imagine how we could have ever learned the history and beauty of your country with a group tour or attempting it on our own. Your passion and knowledge are truly a gift and I feel so honored to have been able to spend our time with you. You gave such special attention to our son Jonathan! Engaging him with the historical references that he’s been learning in school. You turned our family vacation into an adventure through time. An experience we will NEVER forget! We can’t wait to come back and explore Tuscany with you as our guide! Best of everything to you and your family”. ( sharon@impactprod.com )

Helen Volkov

“Federico was recommended to us through a family friend on our first visit to Rome last year. We were traveling with another couple and thought it would be a great experience to have Federico show us around. Throughout the day, we visited the Roman Forum, the Coliseum and the Pantheon. Federico’s knowledge, experience and narrative style allowed us to relive the rise and fall of the Roman empire. Federico paints a spectacular picture with his story-telling. We were stunned by his intricate knowledge only a handful of ‘true Romans’ know today. We will never forget this most pleasurable experience. Federico’s passion for Roman history and preservation is clearly evident in his description of “Everything Roman”. We will surely use his services again on our next trip to Italy, and we’ll ask him to organize our whole trip there. Also, very important, we will book him to be with us personally in Florence and Tuscany, as well as in Rome again.” ( hvolkov@gmail.com )

Kathy Joshua

“If you want a truly memorable day in your life in Italy, Federico is your guide.”  (katjoshua@gmail.com)

Bob Lindsey

Dear Federico, my daughter and I owned and operated a travel agency in Minneapolis, Minnesota back in the 1980’s. She ran the agency and I learned and enjoyed the perks. It was a small agency, but served us well and we decided to sell it to a larger agency. In 1985 I retired from a Sales/Marketing Management position from a Fortune 500 company and have enjoyed over 60 trips to Europe since that time. However, the services that you offer in my opinion are the best I have ever had the privilege to experience in all the years of enjoying Europe and particularly Rome, Florence and Tuscany which you know so well. I wish I had found you sooner, as I had been to your part of the world many times before meeting you. I specialized in take small groups of 8 to 10 people into Rome and then by car to Venice with stops along the way. These trips were well received. But in no way did they teach my travelers as thoroughly as you have done for me. I can honestly council anyone anticipating a trip to your part of the world to attach themselves to your style of complete luxury and thorough historical knowledge of Italy. You make certain that your guests see about twice as much in the time allotted than any other agency. You even found our lost luggage after we tried desperately for 3 days to untangle it from the airport foul-up…! Thank you, Federico.” ( freelife.bob@gmail.com )

Liz and John Albers

“Federico is truly one of the marvels of Rome! He is more to us than a guide; he is a most informed and educated companion, an adviser, an advocate in a foreign land, and our friend. We have toured with Federico many times in Rome and Florence, both as a couple and with our four children, and experienced both areas in ways we’d never have been able to on our own. He brings a city, its people, art, and history to life with enthusiasm and good humor. Details such as transportation, where to eat, and where to go when, are taken care of and touring becomes relaxed and, yes, fun! Our time with him is always the highlight of our travels; he has given us our love of Italy. Bravo, Federico!” ( jbahome@aol.com )

Ron Bergamo

Hi Federico, Just wanted to thank you for helping to make our trip so enjoyable. It was a memorable experience and you played a large part in that enjoyment. I’m telling everyone I know that this is the best way to see Rome! Hands down the best!” ( ron@impactprod.com ).

Nancie Congemi

“I met Federico in September of 2006 on the tail end of a whirlwind tour through Italy. I was tired of the usual tour guide; useless dissertations of art history, clear boredom in repeating the same old thing to hundreds of unsuspecting tourist, expensive fees for little service. My sister and her mother-in-law, seasoned travellers, had contracted with Federico on previous separate trips to Rome and raved about his expertise. I was sceptical about hiring another tour guide, but decided to contact Federico, only a few short days before arriving in Rome.Federico immediately remembered my relatives and adjusted his schedule to accommodate me. I found Federico to be an amazing person and professional. He is warm, funny, kind and knowledgeable – amazingly so! Not only did he make the city of Rome come alive before my eyes, he made the entire experience fun and easy. He preplanned touring days based on what was going on in the city, contacted his colleagues’ throughout the day to ensure all went smoothly, ensured timely pick ups and drop offs, prearranged reservations at the best ‘secret” restaurants and provided tips for the best shopping. I went back to Italy in March 2009 with my husband and two friends. We toured or I should say “conquered” Rome again. This time we spent most of our day at the Vatican and the Coliseum. I will never forget my time with Federico at both places. Any information was presented in such a way to have made a life lasting impression. The Vatican came alive through the ages. Federico’s in-depth knowledge and ability to communicate and teach are incredible traits for his field. He makes touring fun so you don’t feel like your back in school. Plus lots of laughs!!!! Any one who does not use Federico is truly missing out on what Italy is all about and the opportunity to meet a very special person.”

Leo Guthart

“Dear Federico, our day with you was absolutely wonderful. You showed us so much of Rome and gave us so much information in a relatively short period of time that we never could have done this without you. You are a great guide. A true professional.”

Rich Evans & Jean Foy

We have toured with Federico twice, the first time in 2005 for four days, staying mostly in Rome, and the second time in 2008 for 9 days, touring Rome, Tuscany and Florence. We were treated like royalty – it was the experience of a life time! Federico simply cannot do enough for his clients (who soon become his friends). He worked carefully with us ahead of time to plan the trip, and was also very open to changes as we went along. His knowledge of the art and history of the area us just amazing. Most importantly, he finds different ways to make everything come alive – especially the paintings and sculptures – you will never be bored touring a museum with Federico, we guarantee you that. In Tuscany he arranged visits to wineries, abbeys, castles, and special meals at unique restaurants that we never would have found by ourselves. We cannot recommend Federico highly enough and look forward to our next opportunity to tour with him. If you would like to contact us, please fee free to email foyandevans@comcast.net . ”

Dr Ken and Debi Vogel

What can I say about Federico Pellegrini ! My husband and I took our 19 year old twins to Italy for the holidays. We had contacted Federico at Luxury travels thru friends. What a pleasure. Everything was taken care of and expertly planed and tailored to our needs and wants. We were able to cover all of Rome in the most efficient way no lines no waiting with the masses .We spent two very informative and exciting days Well worth the price to have the master show you around his city.

The Falzone Family

Hi Federico, We just returned last night from Italy and felt unanimously that you were indeed the highlight of our trip. Thank you so much for such a wonderful day and next time we will have to book you for a longer amount of time. Please feel free to post and use my contacts if people need to get a referral.   I can’t wait to meet again. Again thank you so much for such a wonderful tour of Rome! Lots of Hugs,

Ellen Bender and the Friedman family

Dear Federico: We hope you are well. Thank you again for a fantastic tour of Rome! We all enjoyed it, especially the children who quoted you for the rest of our trip. In Athens, Istanbul, Mykonos and Venice, whenever they were too hot they would say “Let’s conquer the shade” or “Let’s conquer gelato!”.     I finally found one of the photos from our tour with you 11 years ago… Many thanks again!

Dan,Vicky,Danny,Johanna and Conor Sullivan

Dear Federico…. Our entire family unanimously agrees that the highlight of our more than two weeks in Italy was the two days spent with you in Rome “conquering’ the wonderful beauty of your great city.You absolutely brought to life the long history,art and culture of the place, such that we will remember the experience for a long time to come.We thank you for your incredible knowledge,enthusiasm and friendship during that time and look forward to our next adventure with you in, we trust, the not too distant future.

Darrell & Sandy Bragg

Most everyone can think back to their favorite teacher or professor in school that made their class so interesting and alive that you will never forget it the rest of your life. Federico in not merely a guide for Rome and Florence. He brought each beautiful city to life with his knowledge, passion and presentation that will forever endear these beautiful cities and countryside to your hearts. Part professor, part historian, part actor and part romantic, Federico makes your visit to Italy unimaginable and unforgettable. Place your trust as you travel to Rome and Florence in Federico’s hands. He will shape and mold you a trip of a lifetime.

Joe Donzelli

Hello Federico ….. Thank you so much for opening our eyes, minds, stomachs and most of all our hearts to your country! We loved every minute!

Jill and Chad Fletcher (and the princesses…)

Federico I want to give you a special thank you for the incredible way that you cared for my family this week. We had a marvelous time with you and will remember this trip for a lifetime, although we will not wait a lifetime to return if the Lord allows. Please accept our warmest and most sincere appreciation and gratitude for your splendid services! You will receive many referrals from our family and we plan to return with family and friends in the coming years.

Michael & Wendy Weinman – Dallas Texas

Dear Federico, I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how fantastic our day was with you. Definitely a highlight on our 15 day trip. You were wonderful with our children. They were engaged and really enjoyed your company as did we. We look forward to seeing you in the not too distant future.

The Seagrave Family

Federico – I wanted to drop you a note to say a huge “thank you” from all of us for being so informative, fun, encouraging, kind and patient during our trip last week. We had a superb time and made all the richer for your help. The children (and we, of course) have a rich experience which will live with them all. One thing I can assure you is that we will be coming to Firenze sometime – either with or without the children. It may be a couple of years but it is something we will do and we’d love to give you plenty of notice to repeat the experience. With best regards and thanks!” The Seagrave Family, London, UK.

Stan Sobel and Liz Nicholas

Federico, we had a wonderful time in Rome especially the time we spent with Federico. The full-day tour of the City was not only interesting and informative but also wonderfully convenient. We would go to see a sight with Federico. When we were finished, there was Andrea (the “magic driver”) with the car so we could accomplish as much as possible. The next day, Federico led us on a tour of the Vatican and St.Peter’s. It was supposed to be a half-day tour but we saw so much and got so much information from him that it was really more than that. On top of it all, he told us about other sights to see as well as terrific restaurants.”

Scott and Bonnie Kischer

Dear Federico: I wanted to drop you a short note to tell you how much Bonnie and I enjoyed our trip to Italy and your expert guidance in Florence and Rome. You are the consummate host and you made our trip the most memorable we have ever taken. Your knowledge and insight into the Masters of Italy and the Vatican were both enlightening and thought provoking. Your standard of excellence and educational accomplishments as our guide were truly a gift to us. Our best to you and your family”.

Sarah and Roger Meyer

Dear Federico, I need to tell you one more time how wonderful you were and how much we all appreciated not only your expertise and attention to detail in setting everything up as well as your incredible knowledge, but even more your caring and attention to each and every one of us. Having to deal with 9 people of all ages and all temperaments is a real feat–and for 6 days!–and you earned an A++++. It truly was a trip of a lifetime for our whole family. And I’m ready to come back! Thank you, thank you!!”

Mimi MacDougall

Dear Federico, what a wonderful picture of the Roman past you gave us. All of us loved it – all ages! You accomplished the virtually impossible. Thank you ! Thank you! I would be charmed to have you use my very real and heartfelt testimonial. Warmest regards to you.

Cole & Patti Palmer

Dear Federico — Just wanted to drop you a line to wish you a very happy 2012 and to thank you for the wonderful experience you provided our family during our time in Rome. Through a cold December day you gave us a comprehensive, entertaining and completely engrossing overview of your amazing city. We want to come back tomorrow. You gave us a perfect foundation for the rest of our week in Rome, and you inculcated in all of us the spirit of “conquest! We had an incredible time! All the very best –” .

Danny,Johanna and Conor Sullivan

Federico….our entire family unanimously agrees that the highlight of our more than two weeks in Italy was the two days spent with you in Rome “conquering’ the wonderful beauty of your great city. You absolutely brought to life the long history,art and culture of the place, such that we will remember the experience for a long time to come. We thank you for your incredible knowledge, enthusiasm and friendship during that time and look forward to our next adventure with you in, we trust,the not too distant future”.

Ken and Stephanie Goetz Apex

Our day with Federico was the highlight of our trip to Italy! Thanks to his expansive knowledge of the sites we were visiting, we truly feel that we “conquered” Rome. His understanding of HOW to see the sites proved just as important as what he had to say about the sites. Thanks to him, we were able to maximize our time in such a fun way. Our kids (8-12) enjoyed him as well. As energetic and passionate as Federico was, you would have thought we were his first tour – his passion shines through, right down to the *perfect* restaurant recommendation! Thank you, Federico for making our time so memorable. Our kids thank you too.

Jane and John McCoy Columbus

And then, there is “Rome with Federico”! They are not the same… Touring with you, dear friend, is a 3-dimensional experience of historical, visual, and emotional excitement and delight! Incorporating your deep and wide knowledge of history, your personal passion for the art, architecture and religious significance of Italy, with your uniquely dramatic presentation and remarkable personal skills in “reading” your clients’ desires, you leave us with lifetime memories of fascination and appreciation for what we’ve seen! Treasured indelible mental and emotional pictures that never fail to thrill and enrich us! Thank you, Federico, for giving us a Rome that we will always love…and for conquering our hearts with your enthusiasm. Fondly.”