Tours of the Vatican
20 Maggio 2011
Tours of Tivoli
20 Maggio 2011


A great full day tour not to miss in your Rome vacation.

In Tivoli there are 2 most famous villas to enjoy: Hadrian’s villa and  villa d’Este.
The silent music of the water from the Anio river which we hear wandering through the ruins of Hadrian’s villa turns, working by gravity, into symphonic music in the fountains of villa D’Este

Hadrian’s villa

The largest of all the Roman villas ever built in the history, Hadrian’s villa was about 3 times bigger than the today Vatican State, with its over 3 hundred acres of property. Most of it was decorated with spectacular mosaics, whose major part is unfortunately gone.

Villa D’Este

Universally considered the most important villa ever built in the Renaissance, villa D’Este won in 2007 the award as the “most beautiful park in Europe”.
Built for the Cardinal Ippolito D’Este by the architect Pirro Ligorio, villa D’Este is the most perfect example of the ” garden at the Italian style”,with hundreds of fountains which all work only by using the gravity of the Aniene river. These fountains are like a music, a breathtaking symphony of water.

Cardinal Ippolito D’









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