Tours of Rome

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20 Maggio 2011
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20 Maggio 2011

Tours of Rome

In a city like Rome Italy, a list of possible guided tours has no limits.For that reason, we’ll just put a few samples for you with suggestions, according to our personal and professional experience. Yet, in a private tour, the schedule is customized on the customer’s need. So, please, just consider the proposed guided tours below here basically as “the script” for us to start with and help, sometimes to “adjust” directly on the spot with us guides.

So, according to the time at your/our disposal, and the season (opening time of museums, archeological sites, and so on), here are our full day suggested schedules:

A) One full day schedule
B) Two full days schedule
C) Three full days schedule
D) Four full days schedule

* Please NOTE:
Duration (and cost) of each full day: minimum 8 hours, up to 10 hours maximum.
Each extra hour will be charged accordingly.

Moreover, all these tours are thought having a driver with us also. In fact, having a driver with us is not only all much more comfortable, but also we can see and enjoy many more sites that we could not otherwise. Last, having a driver with us and a luxury Mercedes vehicle, with the air conditioning, it is extremely appreciated in the hot summer of Rome….

On request, we could also provide for half days guided tours, according to our availabilities.Duration (and cost) of each half day: 4 hours minimum.

Here are just a few samples of possible half day guided tours.

  1. Ancient Rome: Roman forum and Coliseum. (4 hours)
  2. Ancient Rome + Pantheon. (5 hours).
  3. Any of the Vatican guided tours ( see its page): “the basic but complete” (A), or just a tour inside the Vatican museums (B), or simply a tour of St. Peter’s basilica (C).
  4. The Borghese gallery and people square with the church of S. Mary of the people (Caravaggio inside it). (4 hours).
  5. Walking tour through the historical centre: piazza navona, the pantheon, Trevi fountain and the Spanish steps. (4 hours)
  6. Walking tour including the Jewish ghetto: piazza navona, the Pantheon, Argentina square, the Jewish ghetto, the island of Rome. (4 – 5 hours).
  7. Orientation tour: Pincio hill, people square, piazza Venezia, the Capitol hill, the Roman forum (view from outside), the Coliseum (inside), the circus maximus with the Aventine hill. (5 hours).
  8. Orientation tour plus Pantheon and Trevi fountain. (6 hours).
  9. Tivoli (just one villa, either one). (5 hours). In this tour, the using of the driver with us is mandatory.
  10. Ancient Ostia (4-5 hours).

As far as the using of the driver, it is highly recommended in the tours n. 7 – 9 (and 10).
In the other guided tours it is not necessary. We could handle it also without a driver, just walking and taking cabs when necessary.


A) One full day schedule in RomeSuggested script for us in one full day

Introduction from the Pincio hill; people square; piazza Venezia, the Capitoline hill; the Roman forum; the Coliseum; the circus maximus with the Aventine hill. After lunch, St. Peter’s basilica with its square in the Vatican city. End of the day with the Pantheon.

B) Two full days schedule in RomeSuggested script for us in two full days

Besides the sites of point A, we’ll add the Vatican Museums (with the Sistine Chapel), the Borghese gallery, the statue of Moses (by Michelangelo) in the basilica of St. Peter in chains, the Jewish ghetto, the catacombs with the Apian way.

C) Three full days schedule in RomeSuggested script for us in three full days

Besides the sites of point A + B, we’ll add a full day in Tivoli, enjoying both Hadrian’s villa and villa d’Este.

D) Four days schedule in Romethe script for us in four full days

Having four days at our disposal, we could enjoy deeper the Roman forum (one of the most important archaeological sites in the world) and also include a guided visit of the Pamphili gallery, the Capitoline Museums, and the St.Angel Castle.



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