20 Maggio 2011
20 Maggio 2011

Tours of Siena

Here is a general scheme of possible guided tours, according to the personal and professional experience of your local guide of the city of Siena Italy.

  1. Half day, 2 hours
  2. Half day, 4 hours
  3. Full day, 6 hours
  4. Full day, 8 hours
  1. Basilica of San Domenico. Walking tour. The Duomo. Piazza del Campo
  2. Point A, plus museum of the Duomo, with the view from the top of it.
  3. Point A + B, plus the Baptistery and the crypt of the Duomo
  4. Point A + B + C, plus the Town Hall or Santa Maria della Scala

Of course, as usual, being a personal and private tour, the tour schedule can be modified and customized directly with the guide, according to your need and wishes.

Siena and San Gimignano

It can be enjoyed with your local professional guide of Siena Italy. Either from Siena, or even from Florence.

  • From Siena, please consider a full day of 8 hours.
  • From Florence Italy, it is a full day tour of 10 hours.


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