Tours of Tivoli

20 Maggio 2011
20 Maggio 2011

Tours of Tivoli

As there are 2 most important villas, Hadrian’s villa and villa d’Este, when we plan to enjoy and excursion to Tivoli, also considering that it takes around 45 minutes from Rome ( with a driver), we have 2 different options of tours:

  • A half day tour, 4-5 hours ( only one villa),
  • A full day tour, 8- 10 hours, ( both villas).

Hadrian’s villa

We’ll enjoy the ruins of the biggest Roman villa ever built in the history, with its over 300 acres of property, where the Emperor Hadrian used all his immense talent as an architect to “unleash” his creativity and enjoy it with his best friends. We’ll see how hundreds of “invisible slaves” were taking care of the villa, being always very careful not to be “seen” when the Emperor was around with his guests…

We’ll enjoy the “Pecile” ( where the Emperor used to walk and/or ride with his best friends, in private); the dining rooms of the Emperor; the “Turkish bath”; the different public baths ( the “small baths” for the women, and the “big baths” for the gentlemen), the “Canopo” ( with the ideal reconstruction of Egypt, something really fascinating…); the private “studio” of the Emperor, and much more…

Villa d’Este.

Belonging to one of the most powerful noble families ever existed in Italy, and son of Lucrezia Borgia, Ippolito II d’Este became Cardinal when he was only 29. With his favorite architect – sometimes underestimated – Pirro Ligorio, the Cardinal Ippolito II d’Este managed to create a villa which is still considered the most beautiful one ever built in the Renaissance, with hundred of spectacular fountains which inspired poets, artists, composers from all over the world.

Gian Lorenzo Bernini was a guest there, and he brought as a gift his talent with something that we can still see and enjoy… Franz Liszt, the immense Hungarian composer of the 19th century, composed there the famous: “ i giochi d’acqua a Villa d’Este”. He was a guest there when the villa became, for over a half a century until the World War I, the Hungarian Embassy…

We’ll enjoy all of that and much more, in a fun way, discovering the unique artistic design of a villa with its park which has won, for several years in a row, the award of ” the most beautiful park ever built in Europe”.


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