Tours of Tuscany

Vatican Museums
8 Giugno 2011
Val d’Orcia
8 Giugno 2011

Tours of Tuscany

Tuscany is a gold mine in terms of unique places to enjoy. I have personally put together all these itineraries after studying and doing lots of inspections on the different travel sites which I have selected. Then, afterwards, I have experienced it professionally through the years.

Yet, the options below here are just “the script” to give you the main idea of the different possibilities of tours. Of course, there are other ones, as all these tours are customized and exclusive. It also depends, for example, on the seasons of the year that you chose to come (length of the daylight, etc.).

Generally speaking, here are some options at your/our disposal:

  1. From Rome Italy, on our way to go to Florence (or Siena).
  2. From Florence Italy.
  3. From Florence, on our way to go to Rome.

Tuscany tours from Rome:

  • Tour of “the waters: the water is our star”.
    This day also can be modified and “adjusted” according to the time at your/our disposal and to your personal needs. For example, we could even decide to skip Tivoli (villa d’Este) and to enjoy, this way, more time in the Val d’Orcia
  • The best in the Sienese Chianti, with an early start from Rome.
    Starting from Rome, we’ll reach our first destination in around 2 and a half hours at the most.

Tuscany tours from Florence

  • The best in the Florentine Chianti.
  • The best in the Sienese Chianti.

Tuscany tours from Florence on our way to get to Rome.

Here we’ll have to select among the very best in the Chianti area, maybe also combining part of the Florentine and the Sienese Chianti. Why not? So, again, 2 options below here, but there are several other ones….

  • The best in the Florentine Chianti with a different stop after lunch.
    A Medieval hamlet, 8 centuries old and still perfectly preserved, in the Sienese Chianti…
  • A little stop in Greve in Chianti (still in the Florentine Chianti). Then, we enter in the Sienese Chianti and we could enjoy, for example, the tour of ” The best in the Sienese Chianti.

Last note: all these Tuscany tours are thought having a driver ( with one of the luxury Mercedes vehicles) with us.


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