Tours of the Vatican

Tours of Rome
20 Maggio 2011
20 Maggio 2011

Tours of the Vatican

Before start reading the proposed schedules of our Vatican guided tours, we suggest that you read carefully the little useful page on the Most common questions about the Vatican.

A) The basic, but complete.

This tour is for all who are coming to the Vatican city for the first time.Tour of the Vatican museums and St.Peter’s basilica ( around 5-6 hours).We’ll focus primarily on the Sistine Chapel, understanding why it is the most important Chapel in the world from the artistic, historical and religious point of view. Then, we’ll walk through the Vatican Museums, enjoying just part of the highlights there, until we reach the Sistine Chapel.Afterwards, we’ll enjoy a guided visit of St.Peter’s Basilica with its square. The Sistine Chapel, Vatican Museums, Vatican city The Pietà, detail, Michelangelo, St.Peter basilica, Vatican city

B) Only Vatican museums, not St. Peter’s basilica.

We have so many choices… Yet, generally speaking, we could enjoy:the Vatican picture gallery with its famous paintings by Giotto, Rapahel, Leonardo da Vinci, Caravaggio, etc., then we’d choose some of the best Greek and Roman statues, then see the Raphael’s rooms, and finish our tour with the Sistine chapel.As for the time, it is up to you and your needs…Minimum 4-5 hours. Leonardo da Vinci, St. Jerome, Vatican Museums, Vatican city the school of Athens, Raphael rooms, Vatican museums

C) Only St. Peter’s basilica.

This guided tour can be inserted in 3 different options:1) with a tour of Rome (see Rome guided tours, “one full day schedule”).2) with a “basic Vatican guided tour”, so with the Vatican Museums.3) by itself.In this last case, it will be a half a day ( 3 hours minimum). the Pietà, Michelangelo, St. Peter basilica, Vatican city St. Peter basilica with its square, the view from high, Vatican city.

For any other possible Vatican tour, it will be customized on the client’s needs.


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