Florence’s most visited museums
8 Giugno 2011
Vatican Museums
8 Giugno 2011


Land of artists, famous poets, scientists, cradle of the Italian culture, Tuscany is mostly known all over the world for the beauty of its countryside, where the sun softly illuminates the hills painted by the green of the grapes and the olive trees, with some cypress here and there, like a painting by Raphael. In this magic atmosphere, nature becomes art.

When we least expect, in a forest of oak trees,  here show up medieval castles (sometimes turned into refined luxury hotels), or an abbey, a monastery.

Here we will experience a guided tour of centuries-old cellars with a unique tasting of their red wine that they produce, their delicious extra virgin olive oil, with some bread and typical local cheese.

Moreover, as a cheery on the cake, we can enjoy a memorable cooking class.

The heart of all of it, and in the most spectacular way, is the Chianti area.

Now, your gate on Tuscany is open.
Just follow the road of the cypress trees, and come and join our Tuscany tours!


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