13 Giugno 2011
14 Giugno 2011


” The smallest state in the world at the centre of the largest spiritual kingdom”.

That’s the way the Vatican has been defined.

With its only 44 hectares ( 108,6 acres), it is really the smallest Country in the world.Almost all enclosed within walls ( built between 1540 and 1640 ), Vatican city is the capital of the Vatican State itself.

It includes the Vatican Museums ( with the Sistine chapel in it) and St. Peter’s Basilica. Then, a few other buildings, such as the residence of the Pope, the audience hall, and the Vatican gardens.

Vatican city flag Being so tiny, most of its essential services are located outside of it. Its embassies, for example, are located in Rome but they belong to the ” Holy See” ( the Vatican State). So, in Rome Italy we have 2 embassies for each Country: one embassy to Italy and the other to the Holy See. a Swiss guard This was all established in the Lateran Treaty signed on February 11th, 1929.

Of course, to sum up 2000 years of history of the Church, with all its endless art treasures all over the Vatican city, is not possible on internet…How to sum up the Sistine Chapel, Michelangelo, Raphael, Bernini, the history of St.Peter’s Basilica and all the most important Popes who made the history of the Roman Catholic Church, in just a few words?

For that reason, book one of our Vatican guided tours and we’ll make everything come alive for you, in a way that is fun and that you will never forget. Guaranteed…!


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