Tours of the Amalfi Coast
20 Maggio 2011
Tours of Venice
20 Maggio 2011


Let the magic of Venice conquer you in the city full of surprises!

The first surprise, reaching Venice, is that…no cars!! In this technological world, the Venitians are still living like many centuries ago…Everything is on water, and surrounded by water of the Adriatic see.

Do you need a taxi? You’ll have to order a…water taxi, or, more romantic, a gondola!Do you need to reach your office? Either you walk, or you take your…boat, that you parked somewhere, maybe just outside your front door!

Our excellent professional guides of Venice will help you discover the charm of the city famous all over the world. Not only the museums, the basilica odf San Marco, the doges Palace, but also tens of curiosities and surprises that you can never expect…


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