About us

Italy Luxury Travels is a family owned travel Company born with a need of offering a highly professional service to the tourism in Italy. The Pellegrini family has been operating in the tourism since 1971 as Rome guide. Sandro, Federico and Cristiano, in chronological order. Each one of us is an official professional Rome guide and our long experience will be used in customizing your Italian vacation.

Rome: my youth

When my father Sandro, in 1971, became a professional city guide of Rome, I was only 5. In 1992 I took my first degree in foreign languages and literatures, at the University of Rome ” La Sapienza”. While taking my second degree, in art history, in 1995 I became a professional guide of Rome. In 1998, I passed the official exam also in Florence and so, this way, I became a professional guide of Florence and Tuscany.

I was born in Rome, where I grew up and I still live. My mum was born in Florence, where I had relatives until a few years ago. That’s the reason of my first love of it when I was just a child. Afterwards, while studying it professionally, exactly like it happened to me for Rome, I fell in love with Florence as well and I discovered thousands of aspects of Florence like diamond rings that I could never even imagine.

Last, but not least, it exploded my passion for the Chianti area in Tuscany. Since 1999, usually in the winter time, I have been giving art history lectures and presentations about Rome and/or Florence for private Companies, both in Italy and in USA.

Between 1995 and 2002 I have had the great honour of guiding in Rome most of the Chiefs of the Defense from all over the World, who came to Rome in Official Visit at our Defence Ministry.
As for Cristiano, he is a Rome guide and also an official guide of the Vatican city.

About this site suggestions on how to use this web site

Italy Luxury Travels has been created by a family of professional guides who have been working since a long time. It is the result of years of personal and professional experience with our customers.

A suggestion: when reading our web site, if possible, take your time… Don’t just rush through it, going right away to the different pages of tours that we have put in it. For almost every location, at least the most important, we have put one page of presentation, where you’ll find all the pages related to it in the “contents”, and a page of “guided tours”, where you’ll find some samples of possible guided tours that we can enjoy together. Yet, remember that the tour will be “personal and private”, and absolutely unique.
For example: anybody can organize a “Tuscany tour” just taking you to Siena and San Gimignano. It is easy…

We have studied and created some itineraries which are special, unique, fruit of a strict personal and professional selection through years. Any wine tasting will be enjoyed in a magic site, like a castle, a monastery, or a centuries old villa…A unique place. Many of these places are now turned into luxury hotels, something exclusive, as well as exclusive will be your Tuscany tours with us. You’ll note that we have never specified the sites that we’ll go and see in Tuscany: in the pictures there is never a specific name of any place… This is exactly to respect any of you who will discover and enjoy it with us while touring and therefore you’ll have, this way, the “exclusive”.

The professional guides who work with us have all fully “married” our philosophy.All over Italy, from Venice to Pompeii, every tour is personal, exclusive, organized and tailored on the needs of our clients, who relies on our professional experience to be guided in this Country so full of art, history, traditions and incredible natural beauty.
So, if you just leave us guide you, when you’ll come back home you’ll realize that you’ll have brought with you, for ever, a unique feeling that fulfils your soul every time you think of your Italian vacations. And you’ll keep coming back…..
We wait for you!

Federico, Sandro and Cristiano Pellegrini