13 Giugno 2011


The Eternal city…how many times have we heard that? The history of Rome includes almost 30 centuries, in which we can always find a concept which joins all of them: everything was built to last for ever. A basic concept which was extremely clear in the mind of the Romans since the most ancient Rome, and continued in all the following generations through the centuries.

When they also had to “re”-built, after a fire, a flood, or a sack, people in Rome have always tried to leave a visible trace of the previous buildings: a slab, an inscription, a column… In one word, the MEMORY of the past, which makes people great. MEMORY means history, traditions, pride of its own past and continuity in the present time.

Everything is eternal in Rome. Also its art par excellence: the mosaic. The picture here is just a wonderful example of a Roman mosaic, 19 centuries old, coming from Hadrian’s villa in Tivoli, and which is now preserved inside the Vatican city, in the Vatican Museums, that we’ll see during one of the Vatican guided tours.

So, Rome has become Rome and it has never ceased to exist, in spite of its 30 centuries and of anything that, in 30 centuries, has happened in Rome Italy.

Now… let’s see and enjoy what happened, in detail. So, let’s discover together this mosaic of art and history unique in the world by raising the curtain on our Rome guided tours!


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