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13 Giugno 2011
13 Giugno 2011


Based in Rome Italy, for the driving services of our tours we use a world class Rome car service since years. This limousine service can provide us for any size of luxury Mercedes Benz vehicles, all with excellent professional drivers who have been strictly selected. The drivers can take our customers all over Italy, do any pick up or transfer, besides doing, of course, any city tour with us local guides.

Below here is a useful list of vehicles’ size that we use for our tours:

  • Luxury Mercedes Benz sedan ( for just a couple )
  • Luxury Mercedes Benz minivan ( for up to 6 clients )
  • Luxury Mercedes Benz minibus ( for up to 7 clients )
  • Luxury Mercedes Benz big minibus ( for up to 18 clients )
  • Luxury Mercedes Benz bigger minibus ( for up to around 25 – 30 clients )
  • Luxury Mercedes Benz bus ( for up to 52 clients )

Obviously, costs and prices for hiring the cars depend on the size of the vehicle that we use. For transfers and/or pick ups, in case of bringing with you a lot of luggage, please consider a bigger size vehicle,to make sure to hold all your travel bags.
Mercedes Benz cars have a quick look of the different luxury vehicles

For the transportation, in our tours we use a very professional Rome car Company, which provides us for any kind of luxury Mercedes cars and vehicles, all with excellent drivers who have been strictly selected.Here are just a few samples of the vehicles of the limousine service, with different size, to give you an idea.

  • 4 doors sedan ( for just a couple)
  • 4 doors sedan ( for just a couple)
  • Minivan ( for up to 6 clients)
  • Sprinter minibus ( for up to 7 clients)
  • Bigger minibus ( for up to 19 clients)
  • Inside of a bigger minibus (19 seats)
  • Small bus ( for around 25 – 35 clients)
  • Bus ( for up to 52 clients)


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