Questions about the Vatican

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20 Maggio 2011
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Questions about the Vatican

1) Can we see just the Sistine chapel, not the Vatican museums?

No. The Sistine Chapel is INSIDE the Vatican Museums.The only way to see it is to go through the Vatican Museums.

2) How much time do we need to see “the Vatican”?

It depends on what we mean for “the Vatican”. There are several options. If we see only St. Peter’s basilica, we can insert this tour in a city tour of Rome, and so we’ll need about 1 and 1/2 hour. In case we wish to have a complete tour, so to enjoy both parts of the highlights in the Vatican museums and St. Peter’s basilica, we’ll need around 5 hours.

3) Do we need a ticket to see St. Peter’s basilica?

No. The only ticket that we need is to go through the Vatican museums. Yet, in case we’ll enjoy only a tour of St. Peter’s basilica, we won’t need any ticket.

4) How should we dress in the Vatican?

To enter St. Peter’s basilica, the rules are:

  1. for gentlemen/boys, no shorts
  2. for ladies/girls, the skirt should be under your knee ( so, neither short skirts nor mini skirt), and you should be able to cover your shoulders.

5) Can we take pictures in the Vatican?

In the Vatican museums, pictures are allowed anywhere without flash, except inside the Sistine Chapel, where pictures are not allowed at all. Inside St. Peter’s basilica, pictures are allowed even with flash.


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